Review: Clarion Inn, Page

Page is a town with a population of 7,500 and is over served with hotels for its size due to being the gateway to the Antelope Canyon and home of the Horseshoe Bend. The Clarion Inn is a Choice Hotels hotel at the top of the main road of Page.

We checked in after our taxi trip from the Grand Canyon Village and walked down the corridor to the room. Our room was the first on the left hand side of the corridor, and looked out onto the carpark in front of the hotel.

It was suitably sprawling with the sumptuously large bed squarely in the middle.

A table and chair sat beside the set of drawers that housed the TV.

In the corner of the room stood a fridge and microwave combination, making up somewhat for the lack of a restaurant in the building.

The bathroom sink sat outside of the bathroom, a quirky state of affairs we’d seen elsewhere, most recently in Glasgow. I guess it allowed guests to clean their teeth when their partner was using the facilities…

The toiletries were Institute Swiss.

The shower head had multiple settings allowing an undulating massage or the standard spray, or a combination of the two. The bath was fitted out with accessible rails to allow easier access and a chair for sitting in the shower while washing. The bath walls were lower than normal to aid getting in and out also.

While there wasn’t a full on restaurant, we were told that the bar did bar snacks, but we were keen for a good meal so headed out. The hotel was very close to the main road of Page which housed numerous restaurants covering the style spectrum from BBQ (Big John’s literally over the road), to Chinese buffet all the way through to Italian.

The room rate included breakfast, so we were up early the next morning to get fueled up for our visit to the Antelope Canyon. So it seemed was everyone else that staying there! It was a scrum, and the staff did an admirable job of keeping all the foodstuffs topped up – in particular the hot plates. There was a good selection, so definitively something for everybody!

We went a little later the second day and were able to get photos without dodging the crowds. What I liked about the first day mass feeding was that as the guests spilled over from the eating area into the surrounding bar area, there was a friendliness as strangers shared bar tables. The various foreign languages bounced around the room as people found seats.

Outside the pool went unused by us as we just didn’t have time. The sun beating down made it a temptation later in the day. According to the signs along the edge it wasn’t very deep, and more signs reinforced that no life guard was on duty, despite there being a life guard’s chair there.

Would I Return?

Absolutely! In fact we tried to when it came to extend our stay in Page by a day so that we could take the plane to Las Vegas (it didn’t fly every day), but it was booked out. A great combination of location, comfort and reasonable price.