Book: The Illiterate Prince

Reads like a travel log for a world that doesn’t exist!

What do you do when you can’t travel? You write about travel! And sometimes that’s traveling in your mind. I’ve just finished my fourth book which is a fantasy novel.

New World. New Him.

Wake. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Eric Prince is in a rut. He manages a fast food restaurant, plays computer games. Smokes a bit. Life is a little ho-hum. And on a night like any other he closes the restaurant and heads home.

But then he wakes up naked, on a cliff, in a fantasy world with no idea how he got there. Or how anything works. And things are very different in this world… For a start they don’t speak English. Or read and write English. Which makes him illiterate.

Desperate for answers, Eric makes friends with a waitress, a librarian and a horse who seems smarter than them all put together. With violent death around every corner, will he make it back home or will he be stuck in a medieval world forever?

For anyone who loves portal fantasies and other world adventures.