Caribbean Cruise: St Johns, Antigua

We’re not from Australia, but were still a little nervous about swimming with creatures that had killed Steve Irwin. We needn’t have worried – as our briefings explained, these were different animals and unless we applied force onto the barb, it was physically impossible for the stingrays to harm us. Phew!

But first we had some kayaking to do!

I had to go in the back, and I was surprised that Ange’s end wasn’t a foot out of the water such is the mass difference between us!

A leisurely paddle around the island and peering through the shallows at the mangrove roots in search for some sort of wildlife passed the time nicely enough.

And then we were off to the platform for feeding the stingrays.

It was awesome!

My favourite part of the clip is when the ray brushes past the lady and she freaks out trying to get away.

After leaving St John’s in Antigua, we headed to St George’s on Grenada.