Review: Art Hotel Palma, Palma


Where do you stay after a cruise? Our cruise around the Western Mediterranean ended in Palma so it was natural for us to stay overnight and have a look around before moving on to our next adventure, but we wanted somewhere cultured and sophisticated. Enter the Art Hotel Palma.

We arrived and were made to feel welcome – a glass of the local bubbles plus candied nuts while our luggage was whisked away to our room. The walls are adorned with paintings and the landings feature object d’art. The staff even wear the black turtlenecks favoured by art historians!


We then head up to the room. It’s a good size and looks out onto the inner courtyard. But the bed is the star – it’s huge! It’s also very comfortable – perfect for adjusting to life back on solid land. After the bathroom in our cabin which was barely large enough to turn round in, the bathroom in our room is pure luxury. There are two – count them two – sinks! and a power shower with six power nozzles, a rainforest shower head and a handheld shower head. I’m almost at a loss for what configuration to use! The rest of the furnishings are a combination of ultra modern electronics and classic solid furniture, but before long hunger and sightseeing beckon and we head out.


We’d been given a card by the Art Hotel for free tapas at a local restaurant and decided to check it out. It was very close to the hotel and after an enjoyable spring roll and croquette we decided to stay for dinner. We’d managed to get seats out on the footpath, just beside the corner of the street on a bit of a hill, near the steps outside the church.

The weather was balmy and a steady stream of pedestrians walked by, interspersed with rollerbladers and bicyclists, some taking the blind corner at speed. I had the pizza and Ange had the chicken curry. The pizza was good, but the curry left a lot to be desired.

I’d just thought of asking for the bill when the waiter brought over a tiramisu and indicated that the owner sends his regards.

I turned and a mustachioed gent was toasting us from the balcony of the restaurant. I nodded our thanks and shared the dessert with Ange, before heading out to enjoy the evening. Revisiting their website the photos under the Mari-lin pages are nothing like the restaurant – so don’t expect a sea view!


When we’d checked in I had told the staff that I had an ungodly flight in the morning so would have to get up at 4am, and could I get a taxi for the airport. They asked if I still wanted breakfast, and I expressed surprise that I’d be able to get breakfast that early. “No problem” they answered, and I believed that nothing would be too much trouble for them. I was almost more surprised that Ange accompanied me down to watch me have breakfast.

She was then in a good position to compare my experience with their standard breakfast. I enjoyed coffee, and orange juice plus a good continental – cheeses and cold meats with breads and fruit. Later, Ange let me know that the standard breakfast featured more of a range of items and a chef who would cook your boiled eggs however you liked them.

Pros & Cons


  • Space – even removing the fact we just spent half a week in a cabin, the room is spacious and the bathroom enormously so
  • Shower – love the options that a power shower gives you!
  • Location – halfway between the seafront and the town means everything is a short stroll away
  • Service – nothing was too much trouble, the reception is manned 24 hours too.


  • Our room overlooked the back of residential area so had the noise of locals living their lives
  • Aircon was very modern. Almost too modern as it took a while to figure it out. A few too many setting options!

Would I Return?

Definitely! It’s a no-brainer – the room is comfortable, the staff attentive and the bed enormous. Now that we’ve figured out the air con it’s perfect!

Art Hotel Palma supported our Summer 2017: UNESCO tour by providing a complimentary stay. All opinions remain our own.