Review: MSC Armonia, Palma

Our last day was a 3pm docking in Palma. We’d had spectacular weather the whole cruise and on the way up to breakfast on the last day we expected to open the door to the aft steps to be greeted by blue skies as usual. The grey clouds and rain were therefore a surprise and we made our way up slick wet decks with expressions of surprise, looking at each other with confusion. Where’s the sun?

We discovered the waffle station (on the last morning!) and so had pancakes and waffles with bacon.

The buffet restaurant was packed – the excursions were leaving later when we docked so the only thing for people to do was to eat. Unsurprisingly because of the weather the decks were empty. After breakfast we went down to finish packing. Even though disembarkation wasn’t until 3pm, we had to have our baggage packed and outside the door all labelled by 9am and had to vacate the cabin by 1.30pm.

The weather is actually a good thing – there’s nothing to do so we work from our cabin until the designated kick out time and then head down to the English pub ‘The White Lion’ and work from there. For lunch we have some pub food, and then head to the lounge to wait to be called by section.

We’re “yellow”, matching the colouring of our luggage tags. We’re herded off the boat and then begin the long walk to the luggage collection point. and then nothing. No thank you, farewell or goodbye. Just like that our cruise is over. A bit anticlimactic really.