Review: Studio Ritz, Rovinj

When is a hotel not a hotel? When it’s a self contained studio apartment fitted out with the best furnishings and a bed which deserves its own national holiday.

We spent two nights in the Studio Ritz on our trip to Rovinj and are very glad we did so.

Picking up the key involved the sort of shenanigans we’re starting to expect from the continent – arranging a time to meet someone instead of someone being on site – this is no chain hotel after all!

In our case we came over from Venice on the ferry so arrived after 8:30pm and therefore arranged to meet the owner at the bar he also owned. We managed to navigate through the cobbled streets of the Old Town in the dark to the bar and asked for the owner, and after a short wait one of the staff told us that he’d take us to him. We then proceeded to walk back through the Old Town, and the owner met us at the apartment.

First of all it’s down a quiet side street. The cobbled streets in the Old Town are very narrow, too narrow for cars, resulting in very little street noise. The apartment is on a narrower side street – making for an even quieter stay.

Upon entry you’re immediately impressed with the size of the room – not one of your 30 sqm (100 sq ft) studio apartments here! The layout also contributes to the feeling of space – a kitchenette to your right as you enter, and the massive bed against the far wall (more on that later). Also at the front door was a stand with an umbrella – much appreciated the following day when it rained for close to 24 hours straight.

The bathroom was very well appointed with a rain forest shower head and smart finishings. Bright lighting and a bidet system completed a well appointed washing area.

The bed was the best part of the room and the stay. It was a little higher off the ground than I’m used to, but it was firm yet had some give that made it divine to sleep on. We were raving about the bed for days afterwards.

The local stores are literally a two minute walk from the front door, and the fridge and cooking capability gives a great alternative to the myriad of restaurants nearby.

Checking out was interesting – we were instructed to make payment and drop the keys off to the lady in the art shop next to the owner’s bar.

Pros & Cons


  • Self-contained studio apartment has everything you need for a romantic weekend
  • Quality fixtures and fittings  + heating / aircon & free WiFi
  • Within walking distance of harbour and restaurants.


  • Check-in requires meeting the owner at his bar during certain hours.

Would I Go Back?

If I went back to Rovinj I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again, the bed alone makes it worth the while.