Review of Casa Francesca & Musses Studios, Oia

We stayed three nights in July 2016 at Casa Francesca & Musses Studios, an Oia bed and breakfast on Santorini. Oia was our base for cliff diving at Ammoudi Bay and watching the sunset.


  • Reasonably priced. In a town of luxurious £300+ per night rooms, you can stay just off the main stretch for £50 per night
  • Just over the road from the town proper, so very conveniently located
  • Free wifi
  • The hotel arranged an airport transfer cheaper than the taxi rate.


  • A very minor quibble – the view from the room faces away from the typical views into the caldera that Oia is famous for – still lovely though!

Would I Go Back?

Hmmm…the hotels etched into the cliff facing the caldera may cost an arm and a leg, but I’m thinking that’s all part of the experience. If I wanted to put my money towards experiences instead of a flash place to sleep, I would definitely go back.