Review: Eforea Spa at Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice

We’d tried to go to the Eforea Spa at Hilton Molino Stucky the previous week we’d been in Venice, but had underestimated the time it would take to cross from our hotel to the Hilton where the spa is located. So, fully informed this time, we trekked across to Molina via vaporetto.

There is a station at the hotel but it’s not currently operational, so we have to choose which of the equidistant other stops to get off at. We decide on Sacca Fisola, which means we enjoy a stroll through a neighbourhood of apartment blocks where the locals reside, past a police station and across a bridge before coming into the Hilton complex through the tradespersons entrance and emerging beside the spa complex.

The staff give us a run down on how things work and we make the €20 payment for 2 hours before being shown the men and women’s changing rooms. They’re small but well laid out and the men’s lockers come with a free Peter Thomas Roth moisturiser and comb (not needed in my case) and the women’s come with free Peter Thomas Roth moisturise and conditioner.

There are slippers, a towel and a robe all neatly folded in the locker, and the changing rooms are adjoined by toilets, showers and a sauna. The staff had mentioned with a shrug that they have segregated saunas. I’m surprised that my slippers almost fit – usually it’s not worth even trying! After getting changed it’s off to meet Ange at the Jacuzzi.

There’s a shower in the Jacuzzi room, so a quick wash later we’re immersing ourselves in the warm waters of the Jacuzzi. It’s a reasonable size – you could probably fit 12-15 people and there are two buttons on the wall behind it. I reach over and give them a push. With a soft gurgle the jets spring into action and the water churns with foam. I look down – beneath the white foamy top, there are coloured lights which slowly change colour from green to red to purple to blue. Very relaxing!

Some of the jets come out of the floor, some from the lumbar of the seats and after about twenty minutes we’re interested in the other offerings of the spa. A short corridor leads to the relaxation room and a door off the corridor leads to the steam room. We decide to give the steam room a go and manage ten out of our target of fifteen before retiring to the relaxation room.

The relaxation room has about eight loungers and a cupboard with water, teas, fruit and little dishes of nuts. We grab some refreshments and settle down for some relaxation. The shutters are all closed keeping the room in the shade – but outside it’s another blistering hot day. We have a few snacks, rehydrate and snooze before going back to have another go in the Jacuzzi.

Before long it’s time to go and we fairly melt out of the pool and get changed. The spa isn’t huge, but it does have all that you would expect. The segregated saunas were a surprise, as were the free toiletries. While we were there I think there were one other couple there who left not long after we arrived (I chose to believe the two events were unrelated),  but the staff were friendly enough and I think we got good enough value for money. Well worth the vaporetto ride!