What To Do in Prague in 3 Days

I recently spent three days exploring the divine, gothic city of Prague in the Czech Republic. This tourist hotspot is popular for a reason: It’s astonishing architecture and care-free vibes make it a European must see. Follow this itinerary to see the beloved points of this well-known destination.

CITY TIP- Purchase the 72-hour transport card for €11. It covers everything from trams, buses, subway lines and cable cars.

Day 1

To get your most out of the trip, I recommend sectioning off the city into certain areas depending on the day. A perfect introduction to Prague would be by visiting the old town and bathe in its historic roots.

Old Town


The first feature of the old town that you should check out is the Astronomical Clock. Tourists stand for half an hour sometimes, waiting to see the medieval artefacts’ mechanical performance that has been occurring for over 600 years. After watching the medieval show, head over to the Church of Our Lady before Tyn to see a stunning church that is packed full of tourists throughout the day. Make sure to set aside time to gawk at the stunning gothic architecture that is prominent in this area.

Jewish Quarter

The only way to access the synagogues and cemeteries is to pay for entrance into the museum, which costs CZK 300. If you’re on a budget, you can still walk around the old quarter to get a feel for the historic region. It’s free and Saturdays are the best day to visit as the crowds are smaller.

Lennon Wall

At the peak of tourist season, this attraction can be awfully busy but it is clearly worth it. The colourful wall radiates positive energy that stays with you for the duration of the trip. The wall has an interesting story: During the communist era of 1980, citizens let out their frustrations by placing peaceful lines inspired by The Beatles on this wall. The portraits of John Lennon are now buried under layers of new paint, but the memory of the walls’ inspiration still lives on.

Charles Bridge


Walk across the infamous bridge and listen to the street performers and artists that flood the walk-way, especially once the sun dips below the horizon. The bridge contains 30 statues that are all stunning, along with a perfect panoramic view of all the gothic churches, as well as Prague Castle.

Day 2

CITY TIP- If you’re in town on a Saturday, stroll through the Naplavka Farmers Market which is open from 8am-2pm on Saturdays only.

Petrin Hill


To reach the fantastic views available at the giant hill, hop in the cable cars provided or get a workout in by walking up the steep trails. Once on top of Petrin, make sure to wander the trails to see monasteries, cafes, and a replica of the Eiffel Tower. You can spend hours up their relaxing in the grass and enjoying a nice cup of ice cream in the warm summer heat.

Prague Castle

To access the Castle, one must walk up some pretty steep roads that will get your heart rate up. To get your mind off the fact that you’re gasping for air, admire the beautiful European architecture that is prominent in this area.

Right by the Castle is a Starbucks location that offers an alluring look-out point that is free and perfect for pictures. Make sure you’re in front of the castle at the top of the hour, so you don’t miss the two guards changing. It’s no Buckingham Palace, but it’s still an interesting event to observe.

St. Vitus Cathedral


Lying directly behind the castle, this cathedral has jaw-dropping stain-glass windows and a square that awards you with impeccable views of the mosaic exterior. To access this, walk past the gate that the guards change in front of, and you won’t miss the gigantic structure. Make sure to wait in the line to see the interior, as the line moves quickly.


Finish the night off by watching the sunset over the river from Charles Bridge. Don’t forget this town is known for its night-life, so head out once night falls if clubbing interests you.

Day 3


This old fort is hidden behind trees up on the hill. To reach this area, you must climb up a fair bit of stairs. Once you reach the old fort, you’ll find a park full of hidden treasures, cemeteries, and the Church of St Peter and of St Paul. In one of the cemeteries, you will find the tomb of famous composer Dvorak.

Try a Trdelnik

This old bohemian specialty dessert is a beautiful blend of sugar and walnuts sprinkled on grilled dough. They can be found all over the streets and are popular as an easy pastry to grab on the go. You can’t visit Prague and not indulge in this yummy treat. Venture off the beaten path with your dessert to find new stunning walkways at every turn. 


Prague is a city with tons of culture and many hole-in-the-wall places that take many visits to find. Three days is the perfect amount of time to dip your toe into the ambience of the city, but you’ll find yourself itching to return to the gothic town in search of more beautiful places that it has to offer.